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Practice of mental prayer. By Father René de Maumigny. First treatise, ordinary prayer, tr. from the 4th ed. with the author's corrections and additions.

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Practice of mental prayer. By Father René de Maumigny. First treatise, ordinary prayer, tr. from the 4th ed. with the author's corrections and additions.

Published 1913

Preface 12
Excellence and Advantages of Menial Prayer.
1. Excellence of Prayer 13
II. First and Second Advantage of Prayer! It Ensures our Salvation and Enriches us with Numerous Merits 16
III. Third Advantage of Prayer: It Leads to Christian Perfection 21
IV. Fourth Advantage of Prayer: It Causes the Soul to Taste Spiritual Joys Incomparably Superior to All the False Pleasures of the World 28
V. Fifth Advantage of Prayer: It Gives Apostolic Works their True Fruit 32
The Principal Acts of Prayer.
I. Preparation for Prayer 37
II. The First Act: That of Placing Oneself in the Presence of God, which must never be Omitted in Beginning Meditation 43
III. Second Preliminary Act: Adoration 49
IV. Third Preliminary Act: Petition to the Holy Ghost for Grace 52
V. Exercise of the Imagination and of the Sensitive Appetite 56
VI. Exercise of the Memory and Understanding 59
VII. The Acts of Faith, the most Perfect of the Acts which the Intellect can Make in Prayer 63
VIII. Why Acts of the Will are more Important than those of the Understanding 67
IX. The Act of Hope 71
X. Charity or Pure Love of God Consists in Desiring Every Kind of Good Thing for God, because He is Infinitely Worthy of it on Account of His Infinite Perfections 78
XI. A Soul in which there is the Pure Love of Charity strives furthermore towards Union with God, so as to no longer Live for Itself but for God 83
XII. Charity is a Love not only out of Benevolence, but also of Friendship between God and the Just Man 89
XIII. Charity Requires that we Love God above all Things 94
XIV. How the Two Kinds of Love — Affective and Effective — should be Exercised during Prayer 98
XV. We must Consider God as our Supreme Benefactor in order to Gain a Love of Him 102
XVI. To Obtain the Love of God we must Regard Him as the Creator and Sovereign Lord of all Things 110
XVII. To Obtain the Love of God we must Look upon God as our Best Friend 114
XVIII. To Gain the Love of God we must Consider Him as the Best of Fathers 121
XIX. In Course of Prayer we should make Acts of Pure Love, Benevolence and Friendship not only towards God in His Divine Nature, but also towards the Word Incarnate, Jesus Christ our Lord, and especially towards Jesus Crucified 127
XX. The Sorrowing Love of Contrition 138
XXI. Adoration and Thanksgiving 141
XXII. How Prayer Properly so-called, or Petition, Ensures Salvation 146
XXIII. Prayer must be Humble, Confident and Persistent, if it is, without Fail, to secure Salvation 151
XXIV. Prayer for Temporal Favors is Good, but not Infallible 157
XXV. Different Ways of Praying 160
XXVI. The Circumstances in which Petition is especially Fitting 166
XXVII. Oblation 170
XXVIII. The End of Meditation 174
XXIX. Reflection 176
XXX. The Time, Duration, Place and Posture most Fitting for Meditation 179
Affective Prayer,
I. The Nature of Affective Prayer 185
II. The Advantages and Dangers of Affective Prayer 194
III. How far may Affective Prayer be Simplified? 206
IV. Frequent Elevation of the Heart to God 209
Difficulties in Prayer.
I. First Difficulty: Distractions 219
II. Second Difficulty: Dryness of Soul 221
III. Third Difficulty: Weariness 227
IV. Fourth Difficulty: Discouragement and Want of Perseverance 232
V. Fifth Difficulty: To Learn how to Meditate 235
VI. Sixth Difficulty: Inability to Follow a Course of Reasoning 244
Methods of Prayer in the Exercises of St, Ignatius.
I. The Method of Contemplation and its Perfection 255
II. The General Method of Contemplation Applied
Particularly to the Mysteries of Our Lord's Life 265
III. Method of Prayer Entitled Application of the Five Senses 283
IV. Method of Prayer Entitled the Second Method of Prayer 291
V. Method of Prayer Entitled the Third Method of Prayer 297
VI. The Annotations of the Exercises 300
VII. The Additions of the Exercises 312

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"Principal editions cited": p. [6]

Publisher New York, P.J. Kenedy & sons
Year 1913
Pages 337
Language English
Collection opensource

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